Sustainable Essentials Dental Kit - Premium White

$1.30 / 1300mg

Non disponible

Provide your guests with an extra touch of comfort with these everyday essentials designed with a nod to sustainability.
Our premium selection features dry amenity products housed in a premium matte white box or sleeve packaging options.

Individually wrapped bamboo 16.5cm toothbrush with White Glo toothpatse 3g paper sachet.

Available to purchase by carton
Units per carton: 50 or 500

To reduce the reliance on plastics altogether, we offer natural alternatives such as Bamboo. Bamboo is naturally harvested, durable and perfect for ancillary items.
White Glo 2 in 1 comes in a 99.99% plastic free waterproof paper bag.
Sustainable Essentials collections are made from primarily recyclable materials and FSC Certified Paper, printed with soy ink.

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Discover our edit of premium everyday essentials, designed with our signature craftsmanship, attention to detail and with sustainability at its core.
Our Sustainable Essentials collection is available in 3 ranges; Kraft Autopack, Premium White and Premium Black.


Tous les frais d'expédition sont calculés au moment du paiement et en fonction du lieu de livraison et de la quantité commandée.

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