Large Sizes for Refill

Our Luxury Hotel Amenity Range of shampoo, conditioner, hand & body wash and hand & body lotion are all available in 1.32 gallon / 5L refill size format, allowing for a more efficient refill process.

Purchased alongside the Pluma Bracket System and 16.23 fl.oz / 480ml bottles, this system can reduce wastage and create process efficiencies.

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Why Refill?

A Circular Future

As our global community continues its drive towards a circular future, industries must re-evaluate their systems and product lifecycles with a sustainable lens.

Creating a refill and reuse system drives several key benefits:

  • Significant waste reduction, specifically plastic waste
  • Optimise a product's lifecycle before responsible disposal (recycling)
  • Less frequent product freight to reduce carbon emissions
  • Adherence to incoming legislation on single-use plastic
  • Communicate a positive message to hotel guests on sustainability

Find out more about our Pluma Bracket System which supports refillable bottles below.