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Loofah de la marca Murchison Hume hecha de fibra natural para proporcionar una excelente exfoliación para una piel suave y tersa.

Ayude a sus invitados a pasar el día y mejore su rutina de baño.

Embalaje elaborado con papel reciclado

Información de marca

Murchison-Hume is a lifestyle brand that blends beauty and practicality. Founder Max Kater designed an instantly recognizable range created to be safe, effective and elegantly simple.
After her youngest son developed sensitivities to traditional household products, Max searched for alternatives. Finding none that ticked all boxes, she set out to make her own.
Since 2008, Murchison-Hume’s range of beautiful products transform the ordinary into something that sparks joy with each use.
Now sold in 15 countries and over 1,000 stores, Murchison-Hume continues to grow and elevate the everyday.
This range is developed exclusively for hotels and traveller accomodation.


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