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Edition Voyage Bathroom Amenities Range

Edition Voyage is a sophisticated and performance-driven collection of travel skincare and essentials suitable for all hotels, vacation rentals or Airbnb bathroom range.

Edition Voyage seamlessly combats the elements of travel whilst promoting a sense of wellbeing providing travellers with the ideal bathroom products.

Designed exclusively for the discerning traveller, Edition Voyage melds the memorable touch of luxury with undeniable functionality and efficacy.

The collection spans across facial skincare, haircare and bath and body products. Edition Voyage also features various products to accompany the stages of the travellers journey, including sleep, garment care and grooming allowing for an ideal turndown program for any hotel or vacation property.

Edition Voyage combines sophisticated details with clever functionality. The collection features an array of specialised travel products and selections, from custom sizing and materials to bespoke creations.


For the Refined Traveller

Bespoke Range


Formulation Philosophy.

Edition Voyage’s formulas promote hydration and
relaxation for travelers. Each product provides an
unforgettable sensory experience with its nourishing
ingredients. True to its luxury aesthetic, the range
features bold design and signature gold finishes.

Whether it’s hydration via hyaluronic acid or radiance via antioxidants and botanicals, Edition Voyage helps you feel your best upon arrival.

Free from parabens, phthalates, SLS, synthetic colourants and animal testing.

Feature scents: Cologne Floral and Spiced Cedar.

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