Established in Stockholm in 2013, Verso was born out of a desire to provide effective everyday skincare essentials. Fundamental to Verso’s philosophy is a scientifically based belief in quality, which is synonymous with longevity.

From day one, Verso’s goal has been to offer fresh, clinically tested products for the long-term enhancement of all types of skin.





Formulation Philosophy.

Verso is formulated with a clean and minimalist approach, featuring ingredients scientifically selected to maximize each product’s functionality and efficacy.

Enriched with:

•Shea Butter
•Sweet Almond Oil
•Jojoba Seed Oil
•Aloe Vera

The range features Verbena and Bergamot scents for a refreshing and soothing sensation that eases everyday life.


Word from the Founder

“Firmly rooted in science, Verso is about everyday simplicity and quality of life!”

Lars Fredriksson, Founder of Verso Skincare

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