KLUR Bathroom Amenities for Hotels

KLUR is a botanically based collection of high-performance self-care products developed with clear purpose and intention by Lesley Thornton, an LA-based esthetician with over 20 years industry experience.

KLUR is rooted in science and accountability, environmentalism and consumer education and is committed to developing a line of aesthetically elevated products.

Klur is championing eco-inclusivity and is featured at leading clean beauty retailer, Credo.

Buzz is proud to release the eco-friendly hotel amenities product range launching in 2023. This is a great opportunity for boutique, independent luxury hotels to provide the perfect hotel amenities range with these great hotel bathroom products.

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Word from the Founder

“Instead of building a brand that separates people and products by gender, we are working toward creating a community based on commonalities in the human experience.”, Thornton says.

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