Murchison-Hume Hotel Products

Murchison-Hume is a lifestyle brand that blends beauty and practicality. Founder Max Kater designed an instantly recognizable range created to be safe, effective and elegantly simple.

After her youngest son developed sensitivities to traditional household products, Max searched for alternatives. Finding none that ticked all boxes, she set out to make her own.

Since 2008, Murchison-Hume’s range of beautiful cosmetic products transform the ordinary into something that sparks joy with each use.

Now sold in 15 countries and over 1,000 stores, Murchison-Hume continues to grow and elevate the everyday. now providing a great range of bathroom amenities for world class hotels. Enquire about hotel products here.

Safe & Effective


Blending Luxury & Practicality


Formulation Philosophy.

The Murchison-Hume hotel lineup incorporates natural ingredients including shea butter, grapeseed oil, chamomile and aloe, all in packaging with added bio-additives that aid the biodegradation process. The haircare features conditioning panthenol (provitamin B5) and hydrolyzed wheat protein.

Free from dyes, petrochemical solvents (petroleum based), non-sustainable Palm Oil dervied ingredients and animal testing.

Feature scents: Original Fig.


Word from the Founder

I am Max Kater, wife and creator of Murchison-Hume.

To me, travelling is the best way to gain perspective. After setting up home on three different continents, one thing is clear; the ability to thrive and be comfortable anywhere is one of life’s greatest lessons. Bringing a little piece of home on your travels is
a luxury, and I think, a key to feeling at home anywhere.

I’m thrilled to able to share these consciously created products with you, and hope that they make you feel a little bit more comfortable, wherever you are.

Happy Travels!

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