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Ellis Brooklyn Luxury Hotel Amenities

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ELLIS BROOKLYN was founded by the long-time New York Times beauty columnist Bee Shapiro in 2015 after noticing a gap in the market for luxury fragrances made with a clean beauty philosophy.

With a simple ethos of “Clean Ingredients, Sustainable Sourcing and Unforgettable Scents” Ellis Brooklyn has quickly developed a cult following for their memorable fragrances and innovative formulations.

With 13 award winning fragrances released to date, an engaged and respected founder, and expanding international distribution, Ellis Brooklyn is poised for success.

Due for launch in 2024, Ellis Brooklyn will offer a luxury hotel amenities range with an array of hotel products which make for the perfect stay.

Clean Fragrance Philosophy

Unforgettable Scents

Value Alignment

Sustainability & The Environment:

› A pioneer in the “clean” fragrance category, Ellis Brooklyn has an extensive “no” list of
ingredients they don’t use in their formulations.

› A leader in sourcing upcycled ingredients with their fragrance houses, such as using Cardamom from leftover pods from the spice industry, and Cedarwood sawdust and chips leftover from the furniture industry.

› Committed to ongoing innovation utilizing green chemistry and white biotechnology.

› Packaging uses mainly glass, with minimal plastic, FSC certified cardstock, and works with EcoCert suppliers.

› Ships carbon-neutral whenever possible and offsets their carbon footprint by contributing to the Carbon Fund annually


"Shapiro continues to defy the status quo by setting the standard for clean fragrance"


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